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Mythic Role Playing

Mythic is a family of role-playing products that give Game Masters and players the freedom to generate fantastic adventures with little or zero preparation. It also allows players to game without a GM, or to play solo.

With Mythic, you can do away with the GM entirely, if you wish. Or, if your GM enjoys playing God, Mythic can make adventures more fun for the GM by eliminating all of that nasty preparation. In a Mythic adventure, the GM (or players sans GM) can start an evening's entertainment with about five minutes of preparation. As the adventure unfolds, the GM is just as surprised by the twists and turns as the players are.


Mythic is a gaming system that automates the functions of a living, breathing GM. It works through interpretation and logical principles. The upshot is, with Mythic acting as your GM, that poor schmuck can finally roll up a character and get his hands dirty. It also means you can play solo if you wish.


There are various ways in which Mythic can be used:


    No GM, multiple players

    Players decide on an opening scenario, and perhaps a few details or two, and Mythic takes it from there. All action is decided through the asking of yes/no questions and the application of logical principles. By answering questions, the adventure moves along, with the occasional random event throwing players a curve ball. The action is broken into scenes, just like in a movie, to keep everything straight.


    No GM, one player

    Mythic can be used to go solo. There have been many solo systems in the past. But let's be honest, they all sucked. How many variations of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure can you go through before you start longing for something more? Solo play in Mythic works the same as group play. You're just alone.


    One GM, any number of players

    For those who like to be a GM, we have something for you, too. The same tools that allow Mythic to automatically generate adventures on the fly without a GM also work with a GM. This means very little to zero preparation, if you don't want to prepare. Simply create an opening scenario (hey, you can come up with that on the drive over!) and follow Mythic as it guides you along. Mythic will throw in its own twists and turns, so the GM will be just as shocked as the players.


    Mythic, stand-alone

    Mythic can be played as a complete role-playing game. The same logic-based tools that guide an adventure along can also answer other questions, such as "Did Boltar's sword hit the goblin?" On its own, Mythic is a free-form and interpreted system. Much of the details defining a campaign world will come up as the adventure proceeds.


    Mythic with other RPGs

    Mythic's main strength is the ability to generate dynamic, unfolding adventures on the fly. Mythic can replace the GM even if you're playing another role-playing game and not using Mythic rules as the core rules for your campaign. Mythic takes the place of the GM, but the main RPG's rules still handle character creation, combat, task resolution and everything else. Questions that players would normally ask the GM are now asked to Mythic, instead.



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