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Word Mill Games is me, Tana Pigeon. I am the creator and publisher of Mythic, the 2003 universal role-playing game that introduced the concept of modern, oracle style solo role-playing. Mythic enjoys a dedicated and enthusiastic community of fans that has grown and evolved over the years. Mythic itself has grown, with various supplements published to support and expand it.

Solo role-playing has come a long way since those early days. Today it is widely recognized by role-players as another way to enjoy our favorite hobby. Many publishers are producing content made for solo play. I am proud to have made something that has inspired so much creativity and unlocked so many doors for imaginations to roam free.

I continue to support Mythic, which has a wider audience than ever. Making role-playing games is my passion and my enthusiasm for solo role-play motivates me. There is nothing better than getting an email from someone telling me how something I made helped them. That is the kind of energy that powers me.


If You Want To Use Word Mill Games Material

All of the products you see on this site are copyright of Tana Pigeon and Word Mill Games. However, I am open to you using some of the material on a case by case basis. For instance, I am often contacted by programmers wanting to make online tools for fans with Mythic content. If you would like to use something I've published to make community content that is free for the public, then please contact me for permission and guidelines.




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