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About Word Mill Games

Word Mill Games is me, Tana Pigeon, and the wonderfully talented people who work with me to make solo role-playing games and tools. I am the creator and publisher of the Mythic Role Playing Game, the 2003 universal RPG that introduced the concept of modern, oracle style solo role-playing. Mythic enjoys a dedicated and enthusiastic community of fans that has grown and evolved over the years. Mythic itself has grown, with various supplements published to support and expand it.

Solo role-playing has come a long way since those early days. Today it is widely recognized as another way to enjoy our favorite hobby with many publishers producing content made for solo play. I am proud to have made something that has inspired so much creativity and unlocked so many doors for imaginations to roam free.

Today, Mythic has a wider audience than ever. Making role-playing games is my passion and my enthusiasm for solo role-play motivates me. There is nothing better than getting an email from someone telling me how something I made helped them. That is the kind of energy that powers me :)

Jorge F. Muñoz - Illustrator
Jorge F. Muñoz is an illustrator living in Mexico City. He's training his dog Pechi to be the oldest chihuahua in history.
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Mel Jaikes - Line Editor
Mel is a lifelong lover of tabletop gaming and storytelling. Vir passion is helping independent creators take their projects to the next level.
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