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Create adventure locations for any role-playing game, in advance or on the spot!


The Location Crafter is an RPG supplement designed to help Game Masters create exciting locations for characters to explore, complete with encounters, fast and easy. Create locations before you play or as you adventure, off the cuff.


The Location Crafter uses a simple system of expected elements and randomness, with mechanics to throw in twists to make your locations exciting and new each time!


The Location Crafter can be used with any role-playing system. You decide how much detail to include with you location and it can be scaled to any size, from a simple hotel room to a planet or universe.


An endless source of locations ... so what are you waiting for? It's time to get exploring!



• Pages: 18

• Full color cover and back, black and white interior (print), color interior (PDF)

• PDF bookmarked



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