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Mythic Game Master Emulator 2nd Edition

Mythic's oracle-style question resolution system revolutionized solo role-playing. The Second Edition of the Mythic Game Master Emulator updates the ground-breaking 2003 ruleset with essential new additions, a wide range of options to customize your adventures, and numerous refinements.

This new edition contains:
  • A revised and simplified Fate Chart for faster and more intuitive Fate Question resolution.
  • The new Fate Check system, receive answers without a chart.
  • Numerous rules refinements and enhancements taking into account two decades worth of Mythic player experiences.
  • Many options for fine-tuning Mythic to get the kind of role-playing experience you want.
  • 47 Meaning Tables to add just the right detail to your adventures when you need it.

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Mythic Magazine #40 PDF Available On DriveThruRPG

This issue contains:

Meaning Table Collections - Horror & Mystery: Take themed Meaning generation to a new level of detail with these two collections of Meaning Tables tuned toward Horror and Mystery adventures.

Rules & Tools For Science Fiction Adventures: Boldly take your adventures where no adventure has gone before with this simple framework for generating sci-fi content as you go. Plus, quick and easy rules for ship to ship combat and damage.

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Mythic Magazine #39 Available On DriveThruRPG

This issue contains:

NPC Evolving Motivation Rules: A system to make NPC behavior more dynamic over time by tracking motivations, adjusting them in response to the adventure, and initiating motivated actions.

Detailed Flowcharts For MGME2e: A redo of the flowcharts from Mythic Game Master Emulator Second Edition for Fate Questions, Random Events, and Scenes, with enough detail to make them table-ready reference tools.

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Mythic Magazine Compilation #4 Is Now Available In Print On DriveThruRPG

The Compilation, which includes Mythic Magazine issues 19-24, is available in Premium Hardcover, Standard Hardcover, Premium Softcover, and Standard Softcover print on demand editions.

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Mythic Magazine #38

This issue takes you to new worlds, with:

Solo Setting & World Creation System: Rules for generating game worlds to adventure in, randomly from nothing. This includes creating the genre and style of the setting, and a detailed history.

Make Your Own Elements Meaning Tables: Ideas and suggestions for assembling your own, custom-built Elements Meaning tables specific to your adventuring needs.

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Mythic Magazine Volume #37

This issue contains:

Troupe Style Solo Adventures: Suggestions for running a group of Characters with a common goal, where you choose which Player Character you want to control in each Scene.

Solo Roleplay In Video Games: Bring your solo roleplaying skills into your favorite immersive video games to add whole new layers of custom narrative and gameplay potential.

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Mythic Magazine Compilation #5
This compilation collects the complete volumes 25-30 into a single book. Articles include:
One-Page Mythic: A super simplified version of the Mythic Game Master Emulator, condensing the rules to a single page. Mythic doesn't get any simpler than this!
Handling Long Journeys In Solo Play: It's time to hit the road! This article details a systematic way to conceptualize and guide long journeys in solo play.
Running Solo Procedural Dramas: Guidelines for crafting solo adventure campaigns that follow dramatic tropes like procedural television shows.
Scene Treatments: Put thematic spins on Altered and Interrupt Scenes.
Giving Mythic A Personality: Apply a Game Master style template to Mythic to adjust the tone of your adventure experience.
Rules Guide: A comprehensive list of Mythic and Crafter rules, where to find them, and how to use them together.
Never-Ending Adventures: Thoughts and strategies on constructing solo adventures that have no specific quest and no goal-oriented end.
Mythic RPG Narrative Combat: An alternative to the Mythic RPG combat system, offering simpler game mechanics with a narrative focus.
One-Page Adventure Crafter: The One-Page treatment gets applied to The Adventure Crafter, boiling the narrative creation tool down to a single page of rules.
Swords & Towers: Two ready to use solo adventure scenarios - discover the powers of a mystical sword, and raid a high tech fortress in search of a stolen battledroid.
Dealing With Solo Adventure Pacing: Strategies for slowing down, and speeding up, your adventures.
Mythic As A Solo Journaling Game: Turn Mythic into a journaling experience!

A Mighty Mythic Collection!
Curious about older issues of Mythic Magazine?
Click here to check out the full collection!

Season 4 Of Me, Myself, & Die
Trevor Devall has launched a new season of his amazing actual play show, featuring his own creation of the Broken Empires RPG used with Mythic GME 2e!

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Get New Monthly Content With Mythic Magazine!
Mythic Magazine presents new rules and ideas for Mythic and Crafter gameplay.

Download Suggestions
See a form in one of the books or magazine issues that you'd like to download from the Resources page, but it isn't there? Send me a note requesting it and I'll get it there as soon as I can!

Tutorials Updated
Check out the Resources page for links to new tutorials added (updated as of 1/19/2024), and a few new reviews and actual plays.

Exchange Ideas With Mythic Players Online
Join other Mythic players for tips, discussions, and more Mythic goodness on Discord, Reddit, and Groups.io!

Mythic Downloads & Tutorials
Find useful downloads, like form-fillable PDF files for Mythic sheets, in the Resources section. You can also find links to online tutorials and actual plays so you can watch solo roleplaying in action!

Mythic & Crafter Books, PDF & Print
Downloadable PDFs and printed Mythic and Crafter books can be found at DriveThruRPG.com and Amazon.

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Mythic RPG is a DriveThruRPG.com best selling product that made true solo role-playing a possibility, using any RPG. Mythic RPG introduced the concept of solo "oracle" engines in 2003, later breaking out the GM emulation rules from the full RPG in 2006 with Mythic Game Master Emulator.

The popularity of solo and GM-less RPG play has grown ever since.

The Mythic system has been expanded with further books offering additional options for your solo RPG experience. The monthly ezine
Mythic Magazine regularly presents new rules and tips.

Word Mill Games has also released the
Crafter Series of books, designed to give Game Masters more tools to make adventure creation quick and fun.

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Published monthly, Mythic Magazine is an ezine presenting new ideas and crunchy details for your Mythic and Crafter adventures. Each issue contains thoughts and discussion, new rules variations, and other goodies. It's a monthly toolbox of resources for your Mythic adventures to stir lots of good, creative thought.

Mythic Magazine is available for automatic monthly delivery through Patreon, or you can find individual copies on DriveThruRPG.com as they become available.

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