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Word Mill Games are the publishers of Mythic Role Playing, Mythic Game Master Emulator, the Crafter Series, and other role-playing tools designed to make your favorite creative hobby more fun and accessible than ever.

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Mythic Game Master Emulator 2nd Edition

Mythic's oracle-style question resolution system revolutionized solo role-playing. The Second Edition of the Mythic Game Master Emulator updates the ground-breaking 2003 ruleset with essential new additions, a wide range of options to customize your adventures, and numerous refinements.

This new edition contains:
  • A revised and simplified Fate Chart for faster and more intuitive Fate Question resolution.
  • The new Fate Check system, receive answers without a chart.
  • Numerous rules refinements and enhancements taking into account two decades worth of Mythic player experiences.
  • Many options for fine-tuning Mythic to get the kind of role-playing experience you want.
  • 47 Meaning Tables to add just the right detail to your adventures when you need it.

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Mythic Magazine #36
This issue contains:

Location Based Adventures: Suggestions and strategies when the Player Character usually stays in one place, a Home Location, and adventure comes to you.

Mythic Stress & Fear Rules: Rules for Mythic play simulating mental strain, fear, its effects, and how to recover from it.

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Mythic Magazine Volume #35

This issue contains:

RPGs As Inspiration For Mythic Adventures: Minimize crunch with this solo play strategy where RPG mechanics are treated as suggestions, not rules.

Ideas For Cooperative Mythic Games: Approaches to optimize GM-less cooperative group play, and maybe add a little extra energy to it in the process.

News Feeds: Bring background situations in your adventure world to life with this system that makes remote events dynamic.

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Mythic Magazine #34
This issue contains:

One-Page Creature Crafter:
 Introduce creatures quickly and easily into your games with this super simplified version of the Creature Crafter that allows you to make monsters as you encounter them.

Fluid Scene Structure:
 A strategy for replacing Mythic's default Scene structure with a more fluid, fast-paced system where Scenes adjust as you play them.

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Mythic Role Playing Now Available In Coilbound Print

The coil craze continues! The classic Mythic Role Playing book is now available through Lulu in a softcover, coilbound edition.

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Mythic Magazine Compilation #4
This compilation collects the complete volumes 19-24 into a single book. Articles include:

Tips For Threads List Management: Move over Characters List, quit hogging the limelight! The Threads List finally gets some attention with tips and ideas for how to make your Threads richer and more dynamic in your solo Mythic adventures.

Crafting Solo Horror Adventures: I love a good horror story, so I'm excited to present a system for guiding your Mythic adventures into a horror framework. Be afraid!

Conclusive Adventure Conclusions: Tips and rules for arriving at a satisfying conclusion to any solo adventure.

Turn Any Show, Movie, Or Book Into A Solo Adventure: A method for transforming your favorite narrative work, from any medium, into a solo RPG experience.

A Chat With Trevor Devall: A discussion with the host of Me, Myself & Die! about the elements of a satisfying solo adventure.

The Mythic Magic System: A complete magic system that can be used with Mythic alone, or in conjunction with any RPG.

MORE Specialized Meaning Tables!: Revisiting Elements Meaning Tables introduced in issue #18 with 15 more tables covering a wide assortment of topics to add more random sizzle to your Mythic adventures.

Journey To The Isle Of Kitra: A complete solo adventure setting, a sandbox environment featuring a mysterious island to explore. It's full of unique NPCs and a collection of Location Crafter Regions that gives the setting a lot of depth for solo play.

Creating Complicated Campaigns: Advice and tools for managing complicated campaigns, adventures that have grown in scope to the point they are difficult to manage.

Generating Adventure Puzzles: A Mythic method for randomly generating puzzles for your Characters to solve in solo play.

The Event Crafter: A system for generating Events that build on each other, evolving a growing situation. It's based on the Location Crafter, applying it's Region generating mechanisms to anything.

When Characters Distrust Each Other: A look at handling NPCs you don't trust and who don't trust you. This includes rules and guidelines for determining when a distrustful NPC goes bad and how to maintain the tension.

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Mythic Magazine Volume #33

This issue contains:

Open World, Sandbox Solo Play: Engage your curiosity and focus on exploration with tips and rules for playing solo adventures in an open world, sandbox style.

Mythic Mass Combat System: When armies clash! Narrative combat meets mass mayhem in this system that simplifies large scale battles while providing the details you need to make it all meaningful.

Mythic RPG is a best selling product that made true solo role-playing a possibility, using any RPG. Mythic RPG introduced the concept of solo "oracle" engines in 2003, later breaking out the GM emulation rules from the full RPG in 2006 with Mythic Game Master Emulator.

The popularity of solo and GM-less RPG play has grown ever since.

The Mythic system has been expanded with further books offering additional options for your solo RPG experience. The monthly ezine
Mythic Magazine regularly presents new rules and tips.

Word Mill Games has also released the
Crafter Series of books, designed to give Game Masters more tools to make adventure creation quick and fun.

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Published monthly, Mythic Magazine is an ezine presenting new ideas and crunchy details for your Mythic and Crafter adventures. Each issue contains thoughts and discussion, new rules variations, and other goodies. It's a monthly toolbox of resources for your Mythic adventures to stir lots of good, creative thought.

Mythic Magazine is available for automatic monthly delivery through Patreon, or you can find individual copies on as they become available.

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