Mythic Magazine Compilation

Mythic Magazine Compilation #5

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Mythic Magazine is a monthly ezine with tips, rules, and more goodies for the Mythic Role-Playing System, Mythic Game Master Emulator, and Crafter Series from Word Mill Games.

This compilation collects the complete volumes 25-30 into a single book. Articles include:

One-Page Mythic: A super simplified version of the Mythic Game Master Emulator, condensing the rules to a single page. Mythic doesn't get any simpler than this!

Handling Long Journeys In Solo Play: It's time to hit the road! This article details a systematic way to conceptualize and guide long journeys in solo play.

Running Solo Procedural Dramas: Guidelines for crafting solo adventure campaigns that follow dramatic tropes like procedural television shows.

Scene Treatments: Put thematic spins on Altered and Interrupt Scenes.

Giving Mythic A Personality: Apply a Game Master style template to Mythic to adjust the tone of your adventure experience.

Rules Guide: A comprehensive list of Mythic and Crafter rules, where to find them, and how to use them together.

Never-Ending Adventures: Thoughts and strategies on constructing solo adventures that have no specific quest and no goal-oriented end.

Mythic RPG Narrative Combat: An alternative to the Mythic RPG combat system, offering simpler game mechanics with a narrative focus.

One-Page Adventure Crafter: The One-Page treatment gets applied to The Adventure Crafter, boiling the narrative creation tool down to a single page of rules.

Swords & Towers: Two ready to use solo adventure scenarios - discover the powers of a mystical sword, and raid a high tech fortress in search of a stolen battledroid.

Dealing With Solo Adventure Pacing: Strategies for slowing down, and speeding up, your adventures.

Mythic As A Solo Journaling Game: Turn Mythic into a journaling experience!

You'll also find the collected welcome letters from each issue and the cover art.

The PDF file contains layers, allowing you to make the file more printer friendly.

Happy adventuring!
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