Mythic Magazine Compilation

Mythic Magazine Compilation #6

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Mythic Magazine is a monthly ezine with tips, rules, and more goodies for the Mythic Role-Playing System, Mythic Game Master Emulator, and Crafter Series from Word Mill Games.

This compilation collects the complete volumes 31-36 into a single book. Articles include:

One-Page Location Crafter: The Location Crafter gets the One-Page treatment with a super simplified method for procedurally generating explorable places.

Mythic GME As A Rules-Light RPG: Rules to bolster the Game Master Emulator to make it easier to use as a stand-alone RPG.

"Gather A Crew" Mythic Adventures: Whether you want to stage a heist or embark on a dangerous mission, this Mythic overlay helps capture the feel of the "gather a crew" movie trope.

Dealing With Time Pressure: Need Mythic results faster? Check this article out for shortcuts to speed things along!

Open World, Sandbox Solo Play: Engage your curiosity and focus on exploration with tips and rules for playing solo adventures in an open world, sandbox style.

Mythic Mass Combat System: When armies clash! Narrative combat meets mass mayhem in this system that simplifies large scale battles while providing the details you need to make it all meaningful.

One-Page Creature Crafter: Introduce creatures quickly and easily into your games with this super simplified version of the Creature Crafter that allows you to make monsters as you encounter them.

Fluid Scene Structure: A strategy for replacing Mythic's default Scene structure with a more fluid, fast-paced system where Scenes adjust as you play them.

RPGs As Inspiration For Mythic Adventures: Minimize crunch with this solo play strategy where RPG mechanics are treated as suggestions, not rules.

Ideas For Cooperative Mythic Games: Approaches to optimize GM-less cooperative group play, and maybe add a little extra energy to it in the process.

News Feeds: Bring background situations in your adventure world to life with this system that makes remote events dynamic.

Location Based Adventures: Suggestions and strategies where the Player Character usually stays in one place, a Home Location, and adventure comes to you.

Mythic Stress & Fear Rules: Rules for Mythic play simulating mental strain, fear, its effects, and how to recover from it.

You'll also find the collected welcome letters from each issue and the cover art.

The PDF file contains layers, allowing you to make the file more printer friendly.

Happy adventuring!
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