Solo game master emulator

Mythic Game Master Emulator
(2021 Revised Edition)
Create dynamic, solo role-playing adventures without preparation
For use as a supplement with other systems.

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NOTE: This book provides the Game Master Emulation rules found in Mythic RPG, which contains emulation rules and a full, universal role playing game. This PDF and print product has been updated in 2021 with new artwork.

Mythic Role Playing brought true, solo play to the world of tabletop role-playing in 2003, kicking off a solo revolution that continues today. The blue book Mythic Game Master Emulator contains the ground-breaking solo emulation rules from the Mythic red book, giving you everything you need to play any RPG system without a Gamemaster.

Mythic adventures are meant to be played off the cuff, with perhaps a few minutes of brainstorming to come up with the initial setup. Through a Yes/No oracle system, Mythic guides you through your adventure as you test your expectations. A Random Event mechanic throws narrative curve balls at you, and the Chaos Factor keeps tilting the story throughout your adventure to change up the pace.

The Mythic system is supported through additional rulebooks that add more options to your solo play, as well as Mythic Magazine bringing fresh ideas and rules monthly. Mythic has a fanbase spanning two decades, creating a wide and diverse community you can draw more ideas and inspiration from.

Welcome to true solo role-playing. Happy adventuring!